A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Vicious Virus Versus is a 2 to 6 player arena infector. You are a virus with the goal of infecting as many cells as possible. Hop from cell to cell to rack up points but stay outside too long and you will parish, losing everything. Healthy cells and infected cells damage each other, so act quickly and aggressively, these cells wont last forever. Knockout any other viruses in your way and be the last virus standing.

Originally created at the 2018 Global Game Jam.

Optimized for Gamepads.
D-pad to move.
Face buttons Jump.
Start button Pauses.

Optional controls for players 1 and 2:
Player1 - Arrows and N or M
Player 2  - WASD + Z or X 

Recent Updates:
Longer lifetime out of cells
Better swim-ability out of cells
Jumping damper when you enter a cell so you don't accidentally spam your way out again.
Game says "Ready, Go" at the beginning before it starts so you can be ready.. to go.. 


vvvs_mac.zip 17 MB
vvvs_pc.zip 11 MB


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Nice work, played at Death by audio arcade's demo night with @xuv.